What Clients Say

"Ellen your Doula presence for me was the calm in the chaos. You supported all my decisions. I thank you for that." EM

"It was awesome to have someone so knowledgeable about birth to bounce ideas off of and to give us resources to keep learning and preparing - this helped a lot in calming my anxieties and helping me to feel as prepared as possible for the birth that I wanted. It was also extremely helpful to have you there in the hospital because it gave me so much assurance that someone with experience and knowledge knew my goals and my fears and was in my corner helping me along the way. I loved how respectful you are of the medical staff. I'll sing your praises forever! JD

"I had a wonderful birthing experience and I so appreciated the wealth of knowledge you provided and pictures you took. I’m very thankful you had the knowledge to help (my baby) move from sunnyside up... I still remember when I felt her quickly move positions and I was pleasantly surprised. There’s something about women supporting women that is primal and very beautiful and I believe nature intended to be like that.  You continued to show care and support after baby was born. Thank you so kindly for working with me and sharing healthy motherly love. From the bottom of my heart!" TO 

"We met while I was in labor and from that moment, you supported me on my journey to motherhood.  Your support after the birth helped me learn how to be a mother." SB

"I am so lucky to have had you there for the journey. Your care and presence made all the difference!" MJ

"You took a giant burden away from me, I think for me that was the most helpful. Before, during, and after, I knew that if I had questions or needed something, you were there, and I felt okay with anything I might experience during birth because you could help us navigate whatever that might be.  You're honest and humble in the right ways where it puts no pressure on someone trying to make all these decisions. Your knowledge clearly comes from much research, learning, and experience, and is a perfect mix of of holistic advice and scientific data. For my husband and my mom, having someone to help guide them was incredibly useful and made them, especially my husband, more comfortable. Doulas are important for support people, too. The way you supported us was exactly what we needed!" EG

If you asked me what the most helpful part was about having Ellen as our doula, my shortest and most accurate answer would be "everything." She is strong, agile, and physically able to keep up with the demands of labor, while remaining calm and tending to the emotional intensity birth brings forth. She is a peaceful presence and a delightful person to have around during one of the greatest days of your life. I would highly recommend Ellen to anyone!!  JR

"To say we are thankful for your support and guidance is beyond understatement. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have you through this process, for all you did in helping bring our little one into the world! Many thanks a thousand times over! CF

I could really feel the love that Ellen has for her mamas.  I had a wonderful birthing experience and I so appreciated the wealth of knowledge Ellen provided, she helped me stay present and deal with all the emotions, feelings and thoughts that arose, making sure I was safe and providing guidance throughout the process. Light eyebrow touches, helpful suggestions for positioning, kind encouraging words and remembering when to relax my body and wonderful photos of our birth. Hugs to you Ellen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  CM

"Having a doula that really understood the pregnancy after loss anxiety and process was critical to my ability to move through my pregnancy and ultimately birth. Ellen is such a calming presence. Every time I reached for her support during labor I immediately could feel her calming energy coming over me and felt like everything was going to be ok. She could read my signs so well and anticipate what I needed . She worked her magic for all 38 hours of my labor! She also really listened to what I envisioned for my pregnancy and birth and helped me try to achieve that as best as we could. I never felt judged about any of our decisions whatsoever, always supported unconditionally." NT