Birth Support

Before Your Birth

During our two (or more) prenatal meetings, we deepen our trust, and help you prepare for labor and birth. We will discuss your hopes and fears, discuss your preferences and choices and what makes you calm and relaxed. We can discuss the birth process, birth team roles, strategies, comfort measures, and potential scenarios. I will help you prepare a birth plan, providing encouragement, resources and referrals as appropriate. We can practice for labor to help you be relaxed and confident. During the weeks leading up to labor, I will be available via phone, text or email if you have questions or just need an ear.

You can still get the benefits of having a doula if circumstances make in-person support difficult or impossible. In this connected age, virtual doula services will provide the information and support you need. It’s a great option if you live in an area where support options are limited or if you prefer less in-person contact and want more intimacy during delivery, but still want to be informed and prepared. This includes working with your support person/people on techniques to assist you during your labor and delivery.

Continuous Labor Support

I will be on-call from 2 weeks prior to two weeks after your estimated due date. During that period, I will be within an hour or less of your planned delivery site and have my phone on 24x7. I will provide video/phone support as needed until we agree it is time to meet. After that, I will provide continuous support during active labor through two hours postpartum.

If you prefer or circumstances require the virtual option, I will be available for support via video or phone for the duration of your labor and delivery at whatever frequency you need me. I am available to answer questions, discuss labor progress, options for positions, comfort measures and pain management, reassurance and partner support.


Within the first six weeks postpartum, I will check in to debrief the birth experience, see how you and the family are doing with the transition, answer questions and provide support and resources as appropriate.

These services are available in-person or virtually

Access via Phone, Text or Email

I am available throughout the process, if you have questions or just need an ear.


My suggested fee is $800 for in person and $600 for fully virtual services.

Virtual and in-person support can be tailored to meet you needs.

All fees are on a sliding scale based on what you can afford and your circumstances. Half is due at the first prenatal appointment and the remaining half is due at the first postpartum visit.