What is a doula?

Birth doulas are professionals trained to give non-medical support for families prenatally, through labor, birth and early postpartum.  We are attentive to your hopes and fears and help you prepare to increase your confidence in your ability to labor and birth.  Doulas provide physical, emotional and informational support tailored to your family's needs and desires.  Doulas can also provide emotional and logistical support to non-birthing parents, siblings and other family members.  We do not replace the role of partners/family, but rather collaborate to create a harmonious team that complements and enhances the experience.  

Doulas are non-judgmental and supportive of your choices.  Doulas provide trustworthy information that allows you to make informed decisions that are right for your family and values.  You set the goals and make the decisions.  Doulas are focused on your needs, advocate for your right to choose and work collaboratively with the medical staff and support team.

Not all births go as planned.  Doulas can help discuss “what-ifs” during the prenatal period, and help you adapt to changing circumstances throughout the process.  Doulas providing flexible, calm compassionate support and help you stay informed on what is happening and your choices.  Our goal is to help create the best possible experience, no matter how the process unfolds.  

Why have a doula?

Research has shown that having a doula on your team: 

"However much we know about birth in general, we know nothing about a particular birth. We must let it unfold with its own uniqueness.” – Elizabeth Noble