Sibling Support

“Siblings-the definition that comprises love, strife, competition and forever friends.” – Byron Pulsifer

Welcoming a new family member transforms everyone involved.  It is not only the birth of a new addition; it is the birth of a new family.  How to include older siblings in the process is deeply personal and based on the circumstances.  The comfort and well-being of all involved requires preparation and flexibility.  During the birth process, another trusted adult is needed who can help care for the child(ren). 

As a sibling doula I can help you determine if/how you would like to include older siblings in the process and help prepare them for the experience.  If a sibling will attend the birth, I can assist with the siblings, freeing the birthing partners to focus on the birth.  Alternately, I can provide temporary relief for others who are caring for the children. If you have a birth doula, we will work together to integrate our roles as part of your birth team. 

Full Sibling Support Package

Two Prenatal Visits

To get to know your needs, desires and concerns, build familiarity and trust with your child child(ren) and help with preparation.  

Labor Support

Sibling preparation oncludes I will be on-call from 2 weeks prior to two weeks after your estimated due date. During that period, I will be within an hour or less of your planned delivery site and have my phone on 24x7.  When you are in labor, I can come to your home or meet you at the hospital to offer emotional support for your older child(ren).  If you have a family member providing support for the child(ren), I can also take over so that person can take a break.  I will answer questions as they come up, provide distractions as needed the child(ren), and offer sibling integration support once baby is born.


After you are home with your new baby, I will check in to debrief the birth experience, see on how you and the family are doing with the transition, answer questions and provide support and resources as appropriate. 


Full Sibling doula package is $100 due on first visit plus $40/hour during labor.  Support visits can be booked hourly or as a package.  All fees are on a sliding scale based on what you can afford and your circumstances.